How to Update Your Tired Looking Garage

It’s January, a brand new year and a fresh start – why not make it a fresh start for your garage too? If you don’t need the space for parking your car and would rather utilise it to store stuff, or make a cool new useful space, then now is the time. Show your garage some love and convert it into your dream room for 2016.

Need some inspiration? How about some of these garage ideas…

Quality storage space

Once you start accumulating mounds of stuff in your garage, it can quickly become uncontrollable. Make the most of your space by creating an intelligent storage system. Install shelves on all of the walls, and if you have bikes then install a rail so they can hang up vertically and save space. It’s also good to have some sort of rotation system, for what you’ll need at different times of the year. For example, in winter the lawn mower can be placed at the back of the garage, while the Christmas decorations can be shoved at the back during summer.

If you neatly arrange all of your garage and garden items, you may find you have a lot more floor space to play with, and can still park your car in there!

Home gym

Everyone seems to get on a health kick around this time of year, with resolutions to lose weight or kick unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking. Well, there’s no better time to stop making excuses and design your very own home gym in the garage. After a bit of decluttering, you should have room for at least a couple of machines and an exercise mat. You could also probably pick them up quite cheap in the January sales!

Creative workshop

Perhaps you’ve told yourself you’re going to start a new hobby in the New Year, or even start your own business from home. That empty garage is definitely calling! Make it your own space for whatever you need it for – it could be a woodwork workshop or a sewing retreat. As long as you have the right lighting and can install a heater, you should be fine in your new garage conversion.

Make it pretty…

If your garage is looking a bit dishevelled, it can easily be updated with a band new door. With such a wide range of styles and openings available, a new garage door can put the finishing touches on your conversion, so it looks great from the outside and on the inside. Also, you can also choose a more practical way to open the door now you don’t need to store your car in there.