Is Your Front Door Letting Your House Down?

When was the last time you really had a good look at your front door? It’s surprising how many times we go in and out without really paying attention to the condition of our front doors.

We all know how important first impressions are and this applies to our homes as well as ourselves. So what does the entrance of your property say about you? Could a visitor guess the kind of person you are, what style you prefer and what potentially lies behind that front door just by looking at the entrance of your home?

Door Security

It isn’t just how the door actually looks but how secure it is that we should be concern about. Improving your front doors security can reduce your home insurance if it meets your insurance companies standards, so by updating your doors security you are not only making your home more safe for you and your family you could actually be saving money.

New Composite Doors

A new composite door is the most up to date style of door you can install and has many qualities which has made it the first choice for home owners today.

With a beautifully moulded and richly grained feel it has all the sophistication of a traditional timber door but without the problem of warping or twisting. The door will never need painting. The door provides high thermal protection and sound insulation making it the perfect modern choice for any home.

Decorating Tip

A great tip when it comes to painting the exterior paint on the front door and frame is to use the same colour, this gives the impression that the entrance is larger than it is making it more impressive.

Dressing Your Entrance

Make the most of your homes entrance will make for a pleasant experience for anyone visiting your property and even for those just passing by. You can effectively add a few key items that will suddenly make your entrance so much more desirable than the other houses in the street.

Clever, cheap and cheerful ideas to try;