Preparing the Conservatory for Autumn

It’s that time of year again, when the leaves start to change colour and mornings become noticeably crisp. Autumn is here, which means summer is over – but it’s certainly not time to neglect your conservatory. It gives you a wonderful view of the seasonal changes in your garden, and with a modern orangery or conservatory you shouldn’t feel too cold sitting in it all day. However, some changes might need to be made to make the room more comfortable. Here’s some top tips for preparing the conservatory for autumn, from the experts here at Prior Products.

Blinds and Curtains

Summer may be over until next year, but the conservatory allows you to still enjoy those sunny days which are a bit cooler. However, as the weather changes, you may find the room becomes a bit colder than you’d like if you don’t have the right window furnishings. Conservatory blinds are a must for regulating the temperature all-year round, as they stop heat building up in summer and prevent draughts in winter. You can also invest in special thermal blinds, which will go further to prevent heat loss and absorb the sun’s rays.

As autumn transpires into winter, you may also wish to add curtains around the windows if you wish to continue using the conservatory.

Autumn Clean

You may have heard of spring cleaning – well when it comes to conservatories, an autumn scrubbing is a must. The outside of the conservatory should be cleaned as well as the inside. Check for leaf and moss blockages in the gutters, and clean the roof of debris if you can. Check all roof seals and joints and in order, as this can cause problems inside your conservatory. Indoors, you should make room for the plants you need to bring in from the garden which won’t last the winter.

Carpet or Rugs

If you want to stop heat escaping from the conservatory, you need to look at the floor as well as the windows. A fraction of heat loss is lost through the floor, and with most conservatories using tiles, stone or laminate flooring, this can be maximised. Covering the cold floor with a thick carpet or rugs can reduce heat loss through the floor, in addition to making the room feel warmer.

Are you ready for autumn? If you need any questions about your conservatory answering, we’re here to help.