Roofline Focus

Are Fascias, Guttering and Soffits foreign words to you? Let us demystify them!

In short, fascias, guttering and soffits are all important in working to create a pest free home and to keep it dry for you. They are also pretty important from an aesthetics point of view (think Curb appeal); so, if you are thinking of selling your home, it would be a good idea to spruce up the outside of your house, so that it is sparkling for any surveyors and viewers, or even replacing any that are beyond repair. It is a good long-term investment if you are staying in your home, as they protect your roof and walls from harsh weather which could lead to damp and water damage, and there’s nothing worse or more off-putting to potential buyers than having to deal with issues like damp.  

Here at Prior Products, we use a PVCu material, as it offers superior protection, are sold at affordable prices for our customers and are virtually maintenance free, we also offer a number of extra accessories such as: felt trays for you guttering, ventilation components for your soffits, gable end boxes and a number of essential trims and finishing. 

Roof Soffit

A roof soffit is (as defined by Swish BP) is tucked away under the fascia board. It is usually the board that you see most of from street level and can be ventilated to allow the flow of air into the roof area. Having your old soffit boards replaced helps the prevention of build-up moisture in your roof area, which can cause a weakening of the roof structure, among a myriad of other problems – this is where the ventilation helps.

Fascia Boards

Fascia Boards protect the end of the roof rafters on your roof and leave you with a clean sharp look.

Benefits of uPVC Fascias Soffits and Guttering:

  • Helps improve a home’s insulation
  • Spruces up and modernizes a property
  • Minimal maintenance, just needs an occasional clean with soap and water
  • Removes the need for time consuming maintenance such as painting
  • Available in a range of colours and realistic wood grain finishes
  • Available in traditional plain or tongue and groove
  • Hard wearing and capable of withstanding the harsh elements
  • Long life span
  • Decorative fascia boards are also available


Guttering helps to lead water away from your home to prevent any water damage. If your gutters are blocked, damaged or simply not there, then this could lead to serious issue for you and your home. Our guttering system has a high impact, high gloss PVCu finish, that creates a durable weather-proof finish, that it guaranteed to perform, we can also match the colour of your guttering to your fascias and soffits. We also offer a high capacity version, that hold a higher volume of water – so if you live somewhere that is prone to rain, this could be a perfect option for you.

Head to our website to find out more about the products we offer, and how they can protect your home. https://priorproducts.co.uk/