Winter Décor Tips for the Kitchen and Dining Room

As the seasons are changing, your décor should too. Homeowners often pay more attention to the lounge and bedroom when giving the home a seasonal update – but what about a room we spend so much time in, the kitchen? The dining room is also important if you have a large family or like to entertain on cold winter nights.

Of course, we’re not suggesting you completely redecorate every single room four times a year! There are simple touches you can make throughout autumn and winter to make spaces more cosy and welcoming, which is important when there’s a chill outside. From giving furniture a pop of colour to introducing new rugs, there are plenty of ways to improve your winter décor in the kitchen and dining room.

Furniture update

One of the easiest – and cheapest – things to do in these rooms is update the furniture. This could include upcycling and painting a table a different colour, or re-purpose the piece of furniture into something different (for example, a toybox could be turned into a window seat). We love the idea of replacing all the handles on sideboards or kitchen cupboards. This gives the opportunity to give a pop of colour in dark spaces – round red handles in the diner look ultra-stylish. Give the kitchen cupboards interest by choosing mismatched handles in a variety of styles.

Colour scheme

Typically for interior design, trendy colours follow the seasons. You should opt for pastels and light colours in summer, and choose deeper reds and browns in the fall. However, there are no rules when it comes to your home and you should choose colours which you love. We agree that there should be a colour shift this season, but it’s up to you if you go lighter or darker. Choosing dark colours when you have short days could make your kitchen and dining room feel even darker.

Little touches

Small, creative changes can make a huge impact. If you have a dining table with cushioned chairs, why not alter the upholstery? Choose a bright pattern to brighten up the room, or if you’re repainting a wall choose the same colour. You can also add a large, fluffy rug which should cover more space than the table and chairs. This will add a colour element as well as warmth under your feet.

Don’t neglect the kitchen diner this winter – spruce it up with these simple ideas.