Woodrite Garage Doors
Quality without compromise.

The Woodrite Range of Contemporary and Traditional Garage Doors

Quality without compromise – We have a beautiful selection of high quality wooden garage doors for sale at some very appealing prices. Our entire collection of timber door designs are handmade using quality materials and time proven construction techniques to achieve a superior level of finish that is simply unrivalled by our competitors.

Todays approach to timber garage doors seems to be all about uniformity, however those of us who know true beauty understand the value of wood.

  • Craftsman built timber garage doors
  • Contemporary and traditional styles
  • Hand built and finished with a special base treatment UV resistant finishing
    for long lasting good looks
  • Every door is unique with it’s own character
  • 2 build types available solid or panel
  • 2 lifting gear types chassis and masta
  • Choice of rectractable and canopy gearing options
  • Side hinged and personnel doors
  • Bespoke designs available to suit individual tastes
  • The Woodrite Timber Door brochure
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