5 Signs You Need a New Front Door

What are visitors thinking when they knock on the door to your house? Are they welcomed in by a secure and attractive entrance door, or is it difficult to ignore the cracks, squeaks and peeling paint? Front doors have a lifespan which many homeowners ignore – if you spot any of these following signs, you need to think about investing in a replacement.


1.    It’s difficult to open and shut

The main functionality of a door is to open and close properly, and to keep the contents behind the door safe. If your front door is sticking or dragging along the floor when opening and closing, you have a big problem. Doors which are getting old can sag and timber doors can warp, causing these sorts of problems. Not only is this sign bad news for your front door, but you could end up damaging your flooring as well if you don’t hurry about replacing it.

2.    Peeling paint

Are you sick and tired of repainting the outside of your timber door, only for the paint to start cracking and peeling a few weeks later? Why not stop wasting your time, money and energy and simply replace the door with a new one. Modern technology has allowed manufacturers to offers weatherproof doors which never need painting and are the finest quality with heaps of longevity.

3.    Visible cracks

If you notice visible cracks in your front door, then they also won’t go unnoticed by unwelcome visitors. Any cracks reveal a structural weakness in a door, telling criminals that it will be easy to break. Boost your family’s security by substituting any faulty, cracked front doors with a sturdy replacement.

4.    You have a chill

Wondering why your house feels a little cooler than usual? Check your door, which is probably the culprit thanks to drafts. Ageing doors can suffer from faulty seals and other subtle cracks, which will let drafts into your home. This could be costing you extra money to heat your home! Simply by installing a new, efficient front door, you could cut your energy bills drastically.

5.    Loose hinges

A squeak is usually a sign that the door hinges are loose. While this problem can be easily fixed with a little oil, is it pointing to a more serious issue? Loose hinges are bad news for home security, as they can be easily destroyed during a break in. While a small squeak may not cause much concern, it’s the indication of the loose hinges which needs to be addressed. Hinges and doors won’t last forever, so the safest option is to find a replacement front door.

From durable steel entrance doors to double glazed options, we have a variety of modern front doors to choose from should you recognise any of these signs.