5 Ways to Style Your Garden Patio for Spring

Spring is officially upon us, bringing longer days, lighter evenings and even a spot of sunshine every not and then. This means we can start spending more time in the garden, so now is the time to make sure it looks lovely and everything is arranged just how you like it. The back garden is a place to relax and enjoy the company of friends and wildlife, and many people put more effort into their garden than anywhere else in the home. Enthusiastic gardeners cam also show off their blooming achievements to neighbours all spring and summer!

Many gardens have a patio area, which is great for alfresco dining or just reading the newspaper. Our garden design gurus reveal five unique ways to style your garden for spring.

Mediterranean Chic

Different shaped flagstones which create a mosaic effect have a summery Mediterranean feel, which can give your garden the extra edge. Place Greek inspired pots around the patio filled with flowering plants for an extra special touch. This flagging also looks great with ornate furniture, such as in this example with the round table and fancy metal chairs.

Archway to Heaven

Adding an archway in between your patio and the rest of your garden is a great way to split the space and make the garden look bigger. This charming addition can also be styled differently each year with different trailing plants to add colour and interest.

All About the Accessories

Regardless of the size or style of your patio, accessories are the easiest way to achieve a seasonal spruce up. For example styling with bright cushions and statement lanterns can have a huge impact on the overall atmosphere of the garden.

Snub the Furniture

If your bench or chairs are starting to look a bit tired, but you can’t afford to splash out on new garden furniture, there is another solution. Instead of investing in new pieces, simply swap the cushions. Outdoor cushions for a range of seating come in a variety of colours and prints and can breathe new life into your garden. Alternatively, do away with the furniture altogether and encourage a more informal feeling, with large cushions scattered on the floor for sunbathing or reading.

Overlap the Divides

Gardens can look dull if they are symmetrical or have very obvious divides – such as a square patio meets the lawn, or half the space set out with decking next to half the space filled with bedding plants. Try and mix and intertwine the garden design with pathways through lawns and sections of plants. Why not have a second patio at the rear of the garden? Think outside the box to create a magical garden design which looks more natural than landscaped.

Patios and paths make your garden more accessible and practical, so you can get the most out of it. If you’d like to make some improvements to your garden before summer, get in touch with us for a quote and some professional advice.