Bespoke Steel Garage Doors
excellent value for money.

The Select Bespoke Steel Garage Door Range

Steel is by far the most common material type used and sold for garage doors in the UK. It is strong and yet very maleable making it ideal for pressing various finishes into the surface and endless designs into the finished front face to create garage doors up to very large sizes.

  • Various styles and colour options
  • Designed to provide maximum secruity, whilst ensuring years of reliable hard wearing service
  • Choice of rectractable, canopy and side hinged gearing options
  • Optional prefitted steel door frame
  • Solid and sturdy charactor combined with an elegant appearance
  • A selection of window options
  • A range of accessories to individualise your garage door
  • A matching front entrance door can be manufactured to compliment the garage door. 
  • The Select Bespoke Door brochure
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