Composite Door Styles

Prior Products are proud to install the nation’s leading composite door with a wide range of designs available making the best front and back doors more accessible as we make it easy and convenient to find the perfect design choice for you.

Come to the Prior Products Showroom and take a look at the quality of our composite doors to see how you can make your home look at its individual best.

Composite doors come in a variety of colours which means that you can create a bespoke look that’s perfect for your property depending on your individual taste.

Customise the look and style of your front door by choosing a colour according to your personal taste and your property’s interior and exterior; this has never been easier with our state of the art online composite door designer.

All composite doors have a high gloss, UV resistant film to give them sheen and there are thirteen colours to choose from; solid colours which are added during the manufacturing process such as poppy red, duck egg blue, black brown, white, black, blue, red, green, cream, grey and Chartwell green while the oak and darkwood finish feature wood grain for a more natural colour.

When choosing the colour of your composite door, preference and style work hand in hand because Neutral colours are very safe and versatile shades which suit many other colours whether they are light, dark, bold, or soft.

Black can be a very unconventional choice for a door colour, it is actually very classy, dramatic and versatile. The colour goes best with light, warm, bold, neutral, stone and brick exteriors. It is however inadvisable to use black against a dark background, as the door might ‘disappear’.

White, on the other hand, exudes classically simple elegance, and represents harmony, purity and peacefulness. The colour is also very versatile and can be used against all backdrop colours, including white.

Grey is a mixture of black and white, and while grey may not seem to be a conventional colour choice for a door, it can actually be as versatile as white.

Cream, with its own characteristic softness and richness; unlike traditional white, is a popular choice for colouring interior walls, but it also looks just as elegant on doors. Versatility is also one of the colour’s strengths.

While black-brown might not have any apparent difference to black at a quick glance, it actually calls to mind one of the colours of the darkest of hardwoods, complete with fine grain details. The colour may be used against backdrops of light, dark, neutral and bold colours as well as patterns.

For the more adventurous home designer, unconventional, attention-grabbing door colours are the norm, and these showcase their own fashionable tastes. The bolder solid colours include blue, red and green.

A red door in any shade is attention-grabbing, bursting with energy and is extremely inviting and hospitable. It can go well with dark, soft, bright and neutral exterior colours. Brick, stone and wood exteriors can also do it justice.

Green is a very fresh colour which reminds one of plants, trees and grasses. Depending on the shade, it can go well with dark, brick, stone and warm neutral exteriors as well as interiors. For a house lined with trees, creating a colour contrast for the door would be advisable, such as having a light green door against dark green plants and vice versa.

Oak has a lighter shade than Darkwood and it exudes a rustic, natural charm which is similar to black-brown but is lighter.

Mixing solid colours and neutrals with each other is nothing new, and gorgeous colours such as poppy red, duck egg blue and Chartwell green are just some of its results.

Are you looking for a more traditional panel door with eye catching glass patterns or a modern grey tongue and groove like design with an auto-lock T-bar handle; or you may be looking for more glass to allow more light into your hallway. Whatever design you require, we can help you design the best looking door that is perfect for your home.

Come and visit the Prior Products Showroom to see for yourself the 3 new composite door designs on show; all in contrasting styles; and start the transformation of your home now.