Roof Glazing Options

At Prior Products, we offer a wide range of choices for your conservatory roof glazing from polycarbonate to the very latest solar control, self-cleaning glass.

Polycarbonate Roofs

Polycarbonate is a very popular glazing material for conservatory roofs as it is lightweight, durable and exceptionally strong – up to 200 times stronger than glass and virtually shatterproof. All polycarbonates work to lessen the glare and heat from the sun to ensure that your conservatory can be comfortable all year round.

Polycarbonate is available in a wide range of colours – clear, bronze, opal, bronze on opal and heatguard to suit your chosen conservatory colour.

All the above mentioned polycarbonates are designed to reduce glare and minimise solar heat gain. Bronze on Opal gives a bright internal appearance even on a dull day, reduces solar heat gain and provides privacy.

Heatguard limits the potential for heat build up within the conservatory whilst allowing the light to enter the roof, deflecting solar radiation.

Bronze Opal




Heat Guard

Polycarbonate Options Heat Retention (U-Value) Light Transmitting Solar Factor
35mm Clear  1.2 w/m2 K  63%  64%
35mm Bronze  1.2 w/m2 K  7%  29%
35mm Opal  1.2 w/m2 K  31%  49%
35mm Bronze Opal  1.2 w/m2 K  7%  23%
35mm Heatguard Opal  1.2 w/m2 K  4%  12%

Glass Roofs

We also offer high quality toughened roof glass in a range of specifications including Clear Low “E”, Grey Anti-Sun, Bronze Anti-Sun, Self Cleaning Clear and Self Cleaning Blue.

More consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of glass roofing compared with polycarbonate. Aside from aesthetics, glass tends to have a much longer life span compared to other roofing products and coupled with the ease of maintenance, it is now a preferred option by many discerning consumers.

Rainfall and traffic noise are dramatically reduced when compared to 35mm polycarbonate. The argon gas filled units reduce the noise even further as well as offering greater insulation properties.

Clear Low ‘E’

Grey Anti-Sun

Bronze Anti-Sun

Clear Self Cleaning

Blue Self Cleaning


Glass Options Heat Retention (U-Value) Light Transmitting Solar Factor
24mm Clear  1.2 w/m2 K  80%  60%
24mm Bronze Anti-Sun  1.2 w/m2 K  54%  42%
24mm Grey Anti-Sun  1.2 w/m2 K  49%  40%
24mm Clear Self Cleaning  1.2 w/m2 K  77%  58%
24mm Blue Self Cleaning  1.2 w/m2 K  58%  37%

Safety and Security

When glass double glazed sealed units are required in the roof, the glass supplied will fully comply with BS6206, the British Standard for safety glass. Where Polycarbonate glazing material is specified, this is strong and shatterproof. Conservatory roofs can aid escape from windows above in the event of a fire. Our roof system incorporates specially designed glazing bar features to prevent thieves removing the glazing material in order to gain access.

Cresting and Finials

One of the most visually stricking aspects of the roof are the finials and crestings.

Roof Vents

These are optional extras and are operated manually or electrically.

Spot Lights

These are an optional extra and can be fitted on the inside of the ridge beam and come in brass or white. All the electric wiring is hidden behind the ridge capping.

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