Decorative Window Shutters
give your house individuality and character.

Beautiful Decorative Window Shutters

Our decorative exterior window shutters will give your house individuality and character. They are available in many sizes, colours and styles to suit your property and your individual taste. Our shutters really are the ideal finishing touch for your home.

High Quality

Prior Products offer a range of decorative shutters made from high quality, polypropylene co-polymer materials, through-coloured in a wide choice of colours.

Cost Effective

Our shutters are a fraction of the price of their timber alternatives and will last for many, many years.

Georgian Period

Window Shutters have long been incorporated as a feature of British homes, with the height of their popularity coming in the Georgian period.

As the weather resistance and general performance of windows improved, so the need for shutters as a means of protecting the home from the elements diminished. However, architects continued to specify external shutters for their aesthetic qualities. The popularity of these decorative timber shutters gradually declined, due to the cost and high maintenance required.

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