Do I Need Conservatory Blinds?

When you first think about designing your conservatory, blinds are often the last thing on your mind. However, they are a functional and decorative part of the extension, and should be considered along with the conservatory design. With a room made of so much glass, blinds are essential for controlling the amount of light and heat which enters the space.

What’s the difference?

Many homeowners think of blinds as an afterthought, and will try and buy regular blinds for their conservatory once it is fitted and they can measure the windows. However, specially designed conservatory blinds are much more equipped for the job. They have been created with conservatories in mind, which means they are designed to face the extra challenges such as high UV exposure and a wide range of temperatures.

Of course, there’s also the extra benefit or buying your blinds when you buy your conservatory. Experienced conservatory fitters such as Prior Products can also arrange your blinds to be fitted at the same time, allowing your new conservatory to be used straight away.

Variety of styles

Haven’t even thought about the type of blinds you’d like yet in your new conservatory? Don’t worry, the furnishings are often the last thing homeowners think of. Here at Prior we have a variety of styles to choose from, including shutter style blinds and roller blinds. They are made to order so they’ll fit the windows and roof perfectly. It makes sense to order your blinds from the company who is fitting the conservatory, as they will already have all the measurements and can make recommendations on the type of blinds to choose.

Benefits of conservatory blinds

Conservatory blinds have many advantages, and they fix a lot of problems you probably hadn’t thought of. Here are a few examples:

·       They regulate temperature all year round, so the conservatory doesn’t get too warm in the summer and they stop heat escaping in the winter

·       They stop UV glare from fading your furniture – but the blinds are UV-resistant so won’t fade

·       They allow you to watch TV in the conservatory

·       They allow for more privacy from neighbours

·       They are designing to have no gaps which stops draughts

·       They can save you money on your energy bill, as they keeps the conservatory warmer in winter

·       They add a stylish element to the room

If you’d like to find out more about our range of conservatory blinds, contact us today.