Does Your Timber Door Need a Winter Update?

Wooden doors are known to expand and contract with changing weather conditions – which isn’t good news for homeowners at this time of year as temperatures begin to plummet.

If you have a timber front or back external door, you may notice that it can begin to shrink during the winter. This is because exposure to cold air can cause the wood to shrink. However, if the door experiences lots of moisture, such as a full week of rain or melting snow, then this can cause the door to absorb the moisture and expand. The constant swelling and shrinking of your door can cause day to day problems, from getting stuck and refusing to close to causing nasty draughts.

These problems can occur in all doors around the home, but of course exterior doors are more likely to be affected as they have to face the harsh elements daily.

Update Your Doors for Winter

Did you know that gaps in your doors and windows are one of the biggest culprits for letting heat escape from your home? That’s why they are the first thing to update ahead of winter. By simply installing a new front and back door which is more energy efficient, you could notice a real difference.

A composite door is one of the most energy efficient doors, and as its name suggests it isn’t just made of one material. They are the latest invention from the door industry, and address the flaws of previous door designs to create an ideal and functional product.

With a PVCu reinforced frame, composite doors are completely weatherproof, meaning no amount of cold or stormy weather can affect its appearance or functionality. It is also made with a 44mm thick super strong structure, which offers better thermal protection. The design also boasts fully sealed edges to keep the heat in and the cold out. Composite doors will never warp, twist or crack and should never ever need repainting.

A composite door is so practical, yet does not compromise on aesthetics. It has the look of a traditional timber door, and can be painted any colour to match your house style. There are many designs to choose from and remember, you’ll have a door which looks like timber but doesn’t have the associated maintenance and environmental disadvantages.

Does your door need a winter update? It might not cost as much as you’d expect! Speak to us today to discuss your needs.