Exciting Storage Solutions

Exciting Storage Solutions

The words ‘exciting’ and ‘storage’ don’t usually go together but they should. The idea that storage is not innovative and has to be dull or bland is entirely false. There is no reason that you can’t create highly innovative storage solutions that are both exciting to use and tailored perfectly to your needs. To make sure you’re introducing a cool, functional storage feature, keep the following pointers in mind as you unleash your creativity…

Make Use Of All The Space

This seems exceedingly simple but so many homeowners fail to truly use every inch of available space. There is no reason why you can’t use the ceiling or wall space more creatively in your garage or shed. You could put a ladder up into the roof and use the exposed joists as a storage platform for example. Wooden boards placed over the joists maximise space and make a perfect home for small, flat items such as airbeds, tents and camping gear. Bikes are one of the items everyone seems to struggle to successfully store. All too often they take up more space than required because they have been left to stand in the garage or shed. Buy some hooks and hang your bike up. These can be placed on walls or on ceilings and free up floor space for boxes and heavier items while making use of the wall.

Cupboards and Shelving

The majority of homeowners will simply pay a visit to a local DIY store and buy whichever shelving is cheapest. While not a bad way to keep costs down you should definitely consider what you use the space for and the type of items you intend to keep there. You may use your garage or shed not only as a space to keep things but also a workshop. Using old kitchen cabinets in here rather than buying shelving is not only very cheap it also provides a lot of space to store things and room to work on projects. If you don’t have these spare you can normally get them low cost by scouring second hand boards or scrap yards.

Small Details Make It Practical

You may be maximising your storage square footage by having excellent cupboards, shelving and hanging racks. However, you may not actually have a practical solution to all your storage needs. Don’t just throw things onto these shelves; use a functional plan that puts similar objects together. This will make it much easier to use in the long term. Small containers are also a must for any garage or workshop. Having something small enough to store items like screws and nails means you have less chance of them getting lost or falling out of their packaging and creating clutter.  You can use old mason jars or similar to add a touch of style too.