Guttering and Fascias

Even the most exceptional home renovation project can be let down when the small details are forgotten. This is why it is so important to ensure that your homes gutters and fascias are not only in keeping with your homes aesthetics but also fully functioning and durable! If this is forgotten about or done improperly, it can be a very costly mistake to both your finances as well as time.

Now everyone knows what guttering is, many of you will have had the unpleasant experience of having to clean them out if they are left unmanaged for too long. However I’m sure there are many out there that would have met the word “Fascias” with a puzzled expression. Do not let their anonymity fool you though, fascias play a crucial role when it comes to protecting your property from the harsh elements. 

So what are Facias?

Facias, also known as Facia Boards, are the boarding that are mounted along the line where the roof meets the outer walling of a building, an area referred to as the “Roofline”. This board is what you can thank for your home’s roof and guttering staying up as it is the foundation to which they are attached. By supporting the bottom rows of roof tiles, it essentially holds all the other tiles in place. It is also on the Facia Board that your guttering will be attached, this means that it is hugely important to ensure that these Facias are not only pleasing to the eye but also durable enough to cope with the burdens it bears. 

But all gutters are essentially the same aren’t they?

True or false: Are all gutters the same? False! In theory, yes – they do serve the same function but choosing the wrong guttering will always come back to bite you. The biggest decision to consider is which material you want to use for your Fascias and gutters. Traditionally both of these products have been produced using a wide variety of materials, ranging from timber, different metals, concrete or inferior plastics. The issues with all these materials is not only are they often expensive to initially produce and install, they are also not well suited to deal with both the wet winters and dry summers that the UK has to offer. This means that before long they will begin to deteriorate leaving you with a poorly draining property and a hefty repair fee. Our gutters and Facias are produced using a product called PVCu, also known as, Poly Vinyl Chloride (un-plasticised). Now we don’t expect you to be a chemist so here is a brief explanation on what that means and why its important: This plastic is produced in a specific manner that ensures that it is lightweight, durable, weather resistant as well as being budget friendly! These factors are what makes it the ideal product to be used for Facias and guttering.

Well the product sounds great but I’m worried how it will look? 

People may be concerned about the idea of having huge amounts of plastic working its way around their home, maybe it won’t fit in with your traditional aesthetic? Or perhaps it will clash with your modern chic? Well you may have been right – if not for one thing… we offer a huge variety of colour options that we can utilise to ensure that no matter what home it is being attached to, you’ll be proud to show it off!