How do I know when I need to replace my windows?

Even the best quality windows won’t last forever, eventually they will begin to deteriorate from wear and tear or the weather. Sometimes a major job, such as replacing the windows in your home, can become a major expense and so are often put off until the last minute. However, this can often lead to the damage becoming more extensive, damage spreading to other parts of the house, becoming less secure and you having increased energy bills each month. So, let’s have a look and go through some of the tell tale signs that your windows need some work.

  1. Your windows will let much of the noise from the outside in: 

If you have noticed that your windows do not prevent much noise from the outside from coming into your home, this will often mean that your window is old and the seal has gone or it was not of good quality to begin with. When you install a new double glazed window, they are specially designed to greatly reduce the noise from outside using a layer of Argon gas. This, especially if you live in a busy area or next a main road, can greatly increase your quality of life. 

2)   Your windows look/feel worn out and they let in leaks and drafts : 

If your windows are showing visible signs of rot, warping or is soft to the touch and can possibly break off in your fingers, this will be signs of water damage. Wooden window frames are particularly difficult to manage as if they aren’t sealed properly water can easily infiltrate them and this leads to rot which is very difficult to halt and manage once it sets in. This rot if not properly dealt with can lead to extensive damage. If you have installed a poor quality UPVC window it can quickly discolour and begin to warp as it expands and contracts in the heat. This can lead cracks, chips and holes which are other major signs that your windows need replacing.

3)   Your windows have become difficult to open and close: 

There are any number of reasons that your windows do not open and shut correctly, this can range from rot, warping, rusting, incorrect installations or perhaps they were in fact painted shut to save time and money! Whatever the reason, if your windows do not open and close properly then they need to be replaced for your safety! If a window has been warped and now is unable to be closed fully and so no longer locks, this is now an easy entrance point for someone to break into your home. On the other hand if there is a fire or some other emergency and your window can’t open, a vital escape route is no longer an option!

4)  You struggle to maintain temperatures in your house: 

Do you often find that in summer you struggle to keep the heat out and in winter you struggle to keep the heat in even if you have your heating on all day? This is more than likely because the insulation that is on your windows is either ineffective or has failed. In the case of single glazed windows, unless you live in an extremely hot climate, they have very little benefit. The single pane of glass provides little relief from outside noise, is far less secure from intruders and provides almost no insulation from the cold. Double glazed windows use two panes of glass with a layer of Argon gas in-between them to provide insulation from noise and cold, however this can often fail. If you ever see frost or condensation between the two panes of glass, this means that the seal has failed, releasing the Argon gas and making it not much more effective than single glazed windows. 

5)  You have large energy bills:

With the UK in lockdown and all of us having to work from home, it is to be expected that your energy bills will have shown an increase from when there were less people in your house all day. However, if your house is struggling to maintain its temperature, your heating will have to work overtime to ensure that your house is at the correct temperature. This can lead to you facing massive energy bills each month which whilst they aren’t as expensive as replacing your windows, will build up over the years becoming a huge expense

What can Prior Products offer you?

Available in a range of materials, our double glazed window systems feature the latest security enhancements and can drastically increase your house’s security whilst also possibly saving you money on your home insurance. Our windows also all carry a BFRC rating of either “A” or “C” as standard saving you money on your energy bills and have a 10 year guarantee so you can feel safe in the knowledge that they are built to last! If you would like to find out more and book a free consultation, head over to: https://priorproducts.co.uk/windows/ .