How to Update Your Tired Looking Garage

Summer is the perfect time to take a good look at the exterior of your property, especially from the street, to see what could do with an update. More often than not it’s the garage – the part of the house that gets abandoned for most of the year and filled with useless junk. If your garage looks old, tired and could do with a revamp, follow these top tips from the experts at Prior.

Paint update

Garage doors and brickwork can always do with a fresh layer of paint, especially if they boast a light colour such as white or cream. These shades start to look worn quite easily, and can do with a touch up once a year. If you’re looking for a real transformation, why not choose a different colour for your garage? If it is detached from your house you have free reign and can decide on grey or terracotta for a unique look. If the garage is a part of the house then you may wish to just re-paint the door. You don’t have to go with conventional black or white – a yellow or blue garage door can give your house some quirky kerb-side appeal!

Fresh doors

A new door can make a garage look brand new, and can be installed with minimum disruption. Even an old garage can be given a modern twist with a contemporary steel garage door. There are so many openings to choose from to suit your lifestyle, including canopy, roller, and hinged doors which open outwards. Some options give more height and space within the garage, or make it easier to drive your car in if you have a short driveway.

Garage conversion

Why stop the garage transformation at the outside? The interior of your garage needs some care and attention too, and perhaps the design needs a rethink. If you don’t use your garage to store your car, it has bags of potential to become a really interesting space. If you need it for storage, then install shelving and wall hooks so everything can be stored around the sides. If you can manage to clear your garage, then it could become an extra room of the house. How about a home gym, a man cave or a hobby room? The options are endless, but you may need to think about installing heating, windows or other features to make the space work for you.

With these tips your garage will be looking brand new!