Increase Home Security with Double Glazed PVCu Windows

Double glazing has many benefits, such as improving your home’s energy efficiency and lowering your utility bills – but did you know it can even lower your home insurance too? Double glazed PVCu windows have a number of safety features which makes it harder for intruders to break into your home. Take a look at how installing double glazed windows can increase the overall security of your home.

Internal Glazing

Our cleverly designed PVCu windows are glazed from the inside rather than the outside. This internal glazing makes it virtually impossible for anyone to get in from the outside. The resilient double glazed glass is also difficult to break, giving criminals an extra hard time attempting to get in through a window.

Double Locks

All Prior PVCu windows are lockable and come with a key to use internally. Handles lock automatically, and can be double locked if you wish for extra security. Around 30% of burglaries are allowed to take place through an unlocked door or window – so never leave windows open or unlocked.

Choice of Lock

Homeowners can choose the type of window lock they prefer on each PVCu window fitted. Choose from standard high quality locks – espagnolette or shootbolt. These locks further secure your home, especially the shootbolt option which has a locking mechanism on three sides of the window.

10 Year Guarantee

Although unlikely, if anything goes wrong with your windows within 10 years of installation, Prior will be happy to replace or repair the faulty windows. This ensures that the high security windows will be in pristine condition for at least a decade, improving the safety of your home, your family and your possessions. Should a window stop locking for any reason, don’t just hope for the best – get it fixed for free and enjoy the peace of mind that high security windows offer.

If you know there have been a number of burglaries in the area or are planning an extended holiday this summer, now is the time to increase the security of your windows. A higher percentage of burglaries take place in the summer months, as families take week long holidays – sometimes a whole block of homes could be empty. Criminals can often target houses which don’t have double glazing or PVCu doors, as they are notoriously easier to break into. Single pane windows can be smashed with a stone or sometimes prised open if they are not locked. Speak to the security experts at Prior today to arrange a no obligation quote for double glazed PVCu windows.