Maintenance Tips for Rehau Window Systems

The windows and doors you have just purchased require very little maintenance. However, so as to ensure that your new PVCu products retain their value and appearance you should bear in mind the following tips:

Ventilation Tips

Windows and doors made from the Rehau system are designed to close very tightly and save energy. So your new windows and doors will be considerably better sealed than your old ones and if they are double glazed will under normal circumstances help prevent condensation. However, where humidity levels are high, condensation may occur on cold surfaces in the room. This can easily be counteracted with correct ventilation. Windows should be opened on a daily basis sufficiently frequently to allow the moist air out and fresh air in.

Cleaning Tips

Slightly dirty frames can be cleaned with warm water and washing up liquid. Extremely dirty frames should be cleaned with Rehau’s special cleaning fluid – available from Prior Products. Abrasive cleaners should be avoided. Cleaning solutions and polishes that contain solvents or thinners should not be used. Aggressive chemicals like these will attack the window frame and seals. Rust patches can only appear as a result of external metal particles from the outside atmosphere.

Hardware Tips

All moving parts should be lightly oiled once or twice a year, to ensure that the window/door always opens smoothly. Most fittings have a built in adjustment facility, so if a window should start to stick, contact us as only a trained window engineer has the skill to make the necessary adjustments.

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