Do I Need new Gutters?

Gutters need to be in good working order all year round, as it offers protection from harsh winter weather and the drying process in the summer. Your guttering system includes fascias and soffits as well as the gutters, and all of them work together to direct rainwater away from your home.

If gutters aren’t properly maintained and replaced when needed, you could see the following consequences:

  • Poor drainage which could result in flooding
  • Landscaping and driveway erosion
  • Your gutters could become a breeding ground for pests and insects

Cleaning your gutters a few times a year, especially in autumn when there is often a build up of falling leaves, can help your gutters last longer. However at some point, they will need replacing and the longevity depends on what they are made of. Here are some top signs than you may need new gutters on the outside of your home.

Sagging gutters

You can notice this just from standing outside your home and looking at your guttering system. Gutters should never sag or pull away from the property, so this is a big sign that you may need gutter replacement. Sagging means that water is pooling in the gutter and the weight is dragging it down in a certain place. Obviously the gutter isn’t flowing properly or there is a blockage which needs attention.

Cracks and splits

A crack or split in a gutter isn’t as easy to spot, so you may need to climb up a ladder and inspect your gutters every once in a while. Even a small crack can be problematic, as it allows water to damage other parts of the guttering system. Small cracks and splits can soon get bigger, so address the problem early by replacing gutters.

Peeling paint

If you spot a section of paint on your gutters bubbling or peeling, this has been caused by excess moisture. This is alarming because gutters are finished with a weatherproof paint which is designed to withstand harsh weather and excess rain. Wherever you see peeling exterior paint on your gutters or your home, check the nearest gutter for a leak. If you find a few areas, then you need to think about gutter replacement.

What to replace with

If you decide you should replace your gutters so they are in premium conditions, we recommend PVCu guttering, soffit boards and fascia boards. They offer durability, affordability and come in a large range of colours to match the exterior of your property.