How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Making your property more energy efficient isn’t just being kind to the environment – it’s also good news for your wallet. Making simple changes around the house can result in huge savings in your energy bills; it’s all about making your home work for you.

Did you know that fitting water saving devices to your taps could reduce your bills by 40%? That’s a great saving for a tiny investment and something you won’t even notice making a difference to how you use your appliances. Did you know that installing double glazing in a single glazed house you could potentially reap savings of £160 each year? Read on for more ideas on how to make energy saving improvements in your home.

Surprisingly, the traditional light bulb was invented over 100 years ago, and only around 5% of the electricity it uses is generated into light! Don’t get stuck in the dark ages, replace all your lighting in the house with CFLs or LEDs (LEDs are more energy efficient but can cost a little more to buy initially). Replacing all your bulbs with LED alternatives could save you around £30 a year.

Quick hacks: Always turn lights off when leaving a room, and use sensors and timers on external lights so they don’t waste electricity when not needed.

Save water

Many people aren’t aware that water usage also contributes to energy bills – so even if you’re not on a water meter, you could have the potential to save money and reduce your carbon footprint. This is because lots of energy is used to heat the hot water you use for baths, showers and washing up. With this in mind, there are a number of things you can do to reduce your water usage.

First of all, fitting tap aerators can slash the amount of water wasted when running the tap. Also, energy efficient shower heads can make a huge difference – a family of four could save £65 off their gas bill each year and £100 off their water bill if they have a meter, just by switching heads.

Quick hacks: A dripping tap can waste thousands of litres of water a year – get it fixed. Make sure dishwashers and washing machines are always on energy efficient settings, and are full before switched on.

Every building loses heat through its windows, so having energy efficient windows is really important. Heat can also escape through doors, so replacing old doors with double glazed doors can also keep your home warmer and reduce those rising energy bills.

Installing double glazed windows and doors is a good investment as it will make your home more comfortable and ensure you have a smaller carbon footprint and a smaller bill at the end of the year. Want to go one step further? Why not install triple glazing?

Quick hacks: Protect your home from draughts with a letterbox flap and draught excluders which can be placed at the bottom of all doors throughout the house.

Have you got any more energy saving quick tips? Let us know!