The Features of Bespoke French Doors

French doors are becoming a popular modern design feature, desired by many home buyers and tenants. As a relatively simple home improvement, installing French double glazed doors can completely alter the feel of a room by opening up the garden and adding more light. The lead up to summer is the best possible time to get them fitted, so you can enjoy the benefits of having double doors leading to your garden and increase the fresh air flowing throughout the house.

Here at Prior, all of our French doors are bespoke and made to measure to ensure the perfect fit. Clients have a number of options, including the colour of the frames and which direction the doors can open. Take a look at some of the other features of bespoke French doors:

Energy Efficient Double Glazing

Each door is double glazed to industry standards, with 28mm units. Double glazed doors have many benefits, including extra security and energy efficiency. Double glazed windows and doors are more efficient by keeping out drafts in the winter and retaining more heat. French doors can help reduce energy bills as well as providing a beautiful view.

High Security

Some homeowners can worry that French doors make the house more vulnerable – but with Prior’s high security models this is not the case. The French door systems have reinforced frames for strength, double glazed glass which is difficult to break and a highly secure multi-point locking system. Whether French doors are fitted to a back wall or a conservatory, they are a tough and secure barrier to infiltrate.

Patterned Glass

There are so many options for homeowners to choose from – you’re spoilt for choice! If you don’t want plain glazing, you can choose a patterned glass effect to further personalise your French doors. This could also make you feel more secure so outsiders don’t have a clear view into your home.

Low Maintenance

Prior’s French doors are built to last, and require very little maintenance to stay looking pristine. It is recommended to open the doors at least once a day to let out any moisture, and they may require cleaning now again. Frames can be easily cleaned with warm water and a bit of washing up liquid – it really is simple to keep the doors looking brand new for years to come.

If you’d like to get French doors fitted for summer, please get in touch with the team.