The Features of Double Glazed Tilt and Turn Windows

Double glazed windows from Prior Products are available in all different shapes and sizes, and many different designs. One of these specialised designs are tilt and turn windows, which are attractive, thermally efficient and also very practical. Read on for a full guide into the features of double glazed tilt and turn windows.

Made to measure

Just like all of our windows, our tilt and turn style is bespoke and made to measure, meaning regardless of the shape or size of your window, you’ll get the perfect fit. We can cut the glass and frames to any size and ensure the glass pane fully or partially opens as you wish.

High security

These windows offer top security for your home and cannot be opened from the outside. As they are double glazed, the tilt and turn windows are much harder to break into and as standard they come fitted with premium locking systems.

Glass design choice

At Prior Products, any of our double glazed products can be customised with a beautiful design. Choose from over twelve designs including patterned glass and unusual decorative glass. This can also help with privacy if you are installing a bathroom window for example.

Safety first

One of the main benefits of tilt and turn windows are their safety features. Because they open fully as well as on a tilt, they can be used as a fire escape if on the ground floor. However where this might be dangerous, the windows can be restricted to only open a fraction on the tilt option. Additionally, the windows open inwards so are a good option when outside space is limited or it’s hazardous to open windows in an outward motion.

Energy saving

The tilt and turn windows are designed to close very tightly and conserve energy where possible. The double glazed window pane also helps to keep heat inside the home, stop draughts and stop warm air escaping. Having all your windows replaced will have a huge impact on the temperature of your home and you’ll see a reduction in your energy bills. Of course, it’s good for the environment too.

These windows are a great alternative to normal double glazed designs, especially if you prefer your windows to open inwardly. If you’d like to find out more about the tilt and turn design, contact us today.