Windows for the Future

Prior Products; window, door and conservatory manufacturer near Stratford upon Avon, partner with Eurocell who recently undertook a survey of 1,000 25 to 40 year old homeowners and renters to find out what people want from their windows now and for the future.

The most important reason that renters and homeowners surveyed said they would upgrade the windows in their home, was for Improved Energy Efficiency. More than half of those surveyed; 52.4%, highlighted Improved Energy Efficiency as a main reason to upgrade their windows.

More than one third (37.5%) said that More Natural Light in the Home was important, closely followed by; again over one third (34.9%) who cited Noise Reduction as a top reason to change their windows.

The next most important was that their windows were Old or Broken (24.8%).

Security was also a top reason for almost one quarter (24.4%) of the most important reasons to change their windows.

Almost one fifth (19.4%) highlighted the looks of the windows; the overall Aesthetics.

Nearly one tenth (9.4%) highlighted Improved Durability as an important issue.

Here at Prior Products; near Stratford upon Avon, we understand what is required so we are continually striving to improve and upgrade our windows and systems in order to deliver what our 21st Century customer in south Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds, wants and  needs.

Prior Products offer top quality replacement windows to meet all tastes, styles, needs and budgets, so come and visit the Prior Products Showroom at the back of the Stratford Garden Centre, just outside Clifford Chambers (CV37 8LW) to see how our uPVC, aluminium and timber windows meet your needs.

If you are looking to save money on heating bills this winter while flooding your home with natural light, or if the railway line or busy road disturbs your peace; we have the most cost effective and aesthetically pleasing solutions for you, here at Prior Products.